Fall is a beautiful season, and it is the perfect time of year to boost the appearance of the exterior of your home. When you improve fall curb appeal, your property will feel more inviting to guests and potential homebuyers if you’re selling. Work on curb appeal this season to make your home more attractive and boost property value.

How to Add Fall Curb Appeal

If you aren’t sure where to start when improving the exterior look of your property, the following tips will get you started.

Showcase the Entryway

Your home’s entrance provides a great opportunity to make a good impression on guests and prospective buyers. Simple steps like sweeping the stoop, cleaning the door, and removing dirt, debris, and cobwebs from the area significantly improve curb appeal.

However, if you want to do more, replace or paint the front door, install new hardware, add a new doormat, and decorate with potted plants, a wreath, or fall décor.

Boost Fall Curb Appeal: Care for the Landscaping

While fall foliage is a beautiful addition to your landscape, it can damage the lawn if the fallen leaves are too thick. Rake the lawn to improve fall curb appeal. Clean the garden beds, prune trees and bushes, and add color with fall annuals, like mums and pansies.

Decorate—But Don’t Overdo It

Fall is a great time to add seasonal decorations to the home and yard. However, it is best to keep the décor simple if marketing your home for sale. A wreath of fall-colored leaves and a pumpkin on the front porch add visual appeal and charm to the house. However, too much fall décor distracts your home’s best features.

Add Outdoor Lighting to Improve Fall Curb Appeal

With the days getting shorter, adding outdoor lighting creates a warm, inviting glow on your property. From simple solar lighting along the sidewalk to decorative lanterns on the front steps, there are numerous options for outdoor lighting. If you can’t invest in new lighting to improve curb appeal, clean your light fixtures.

Clean the Windows

The windows may seem insignificant, but clean glass reflects more light. Washing the windows of your home will brighten the entire exterior. If you’re planning to put the house on the market, clean the windows before the photographer arrives to take pictures.

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