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General Whole House

Inspections include:


We always carry the proper equipment to meet any inspection challenge.

The General Whole House Inspection abides by the Standards of Practice (SOP) as stated by the State of Oregon and InterNACHI. We thoroughly inspect residential homes and commercial properties for any defects or damages that buyers should be aware of. Our inspection services include the following readily-accessible areas:

Structural system                                                    Exterior

Roof system                                                              Electrical system

Plumbing system                                                     Heating system

Air-conditioning system                                         Kitchen appliances 

Interior                                                                       Insulation and ventilation

Fireplaces & solid fuel-burning appliances        Garages / Carports

Decks                                                                           Porches

Sewer Scope Service – Tree roots, cracks, offset pipes due to ground compaction. A pre-purchase sewer scope video inspection can discover these issues and is an affordable way to do so instead of $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000+ to repair sewer / septic lines later. Save time and money, add this service to a home inspection. Also available as a stand alone service.

Crawlspace Inspections –  Always part of a whole home inspection. But when the crawlspace requires a tight fit that others can not (or will not) we can access and inspect as low as 8″ clearance in most instances. Also available as a stand alone service.

Radon Sampling – Radon is silent, invisible and odorless – but it is very dangerous. The number one cause of cancer in non-smokers (# 2 in smokers) is RADON ( per EPA estimates – https://www.epa.gov/radon/health-risk-radon). We perform sample collections and provide results 2 days after the inspection. Save time and money, add to a home inspection. Also available as a stand alone service.

Mold / Indoor Air Quality Sampling – Mold inspection and sampling collections. Samples professionally screened and processed by an independent laboratory. Fast, accurate results to give you peace of mind.Save time and money, add to a home inspection. Also available as a stand alone service.

Thermal / Infrared Imaging – We utilize very high-tech cameras to assist in the detecting of heat variances. Not only water intrusion and damage, but heat loss as well. Used as deemed necessary to assist in inspection, no additional charge – just another value provided to our clients.



360° Images in Reports

Our reports now come with 360° images! Users will have the ability to pan and zoom around multiple rooms of the house. Click and drag the image to look around the room.


A Re-Inspection can offer home buyers some additional peace of mind. We will revisit the home after a General Inspection, ensuring that the agreed-upon repairs and changes have been made accordingly and keeping buyer and seller on the same page.

Craftsman Style House

Pre-Listing Inspection

In today’s competitive housing market, sellers want their homes to stand out from the crowd and be as move-in ready as possible. We will inspect the home before it is listed, helping sellers find the problems in the home that they don’t want buyers to find first.

House with for sale sign

New Construction Inspection

Phase Inspections can be completed at different points throughout the entire construction process. By having phases inspected individually before moving onto the next task, builders can guarantee a more complete and high-quality finished product.

House under construction

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Many new homes are sold with a one-year builder’s warranty. This warranty protects new homeowners from the costs associated with repairing defects in construction. By having the home inspected for these defects during the 11th month, owners can take full advantage of the warranty and have repairs made before it is over.

House on water

Annual Maintenance Inspection

Annual maintenance inspections are valuable for monitoring the status and annual maintenance on various home systems. For example, checking vent connections, filters, and other HVAC parts. This service ensures the home is operating smoothly, and can help homeowners stay a step ahead of potentially expensive problems.

House on water

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