As a homeowner, ensuring your home and family are safe from fire danger is important. Keep your family and property safe with these helpful tips for fire safety at home.

Fire Safety at Home: Test Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can save lives and reduce damage when a fire breaks out. The early warning allows you and your family to exit the home and call for help. Make sure you have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom and on each level of your house. Check that they are working by pressing the test button monthly. Replace batteries as needed. To better protect your property, consider investing in smart smoke detectors. These devices sound an alarm and send a notification to your smartphone. You’ll be alerted if you’re away from home and can call emergency services.

Practice Fire Escape Routes

Designate a safe meeting place outside the house for your family in an emergency. The meeting spot should be a safe distance away. Choose a tree in the neighborhood or a neighbor’s front yard. Work with your family to find at least escape routes from each room in case of fire. Have everyone practice these routes to know what to do in an emergency. Keep important items or necessities – like car keys – by the door so you can quickly access them during an evacuation.

Keep Combustible Objects Away From Heat Sources

Be mindful of where combustible objects like bedding, curtains, or newspapers are located around heat sources such as space heaters, ovens, stoves, and candles. These materials can melt or catch fire. When using the fireplace, move furniture, draperies, and rugs a safe distance from the hearth.

Clean the Dryer Vent to Promote Fire Safety at Home

Laundry room fires start because of a buildup of lint in the clothes dryer. Clean the lint trap after every load. Every three or four months, vacuum the dryer vent to remove the accumulated lint.
A fire in a home can be frightening and dangerous. Be prepared by working with your family to create an exit plan. Test your smoke detectors each month – a task even small children can assist with. Acting quickly can save lives and reduce damage to your property. Keep your family and home safe from the threat of fire.

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