Your front porch is one of the first things people notice when they visit your home, so it’s important that it’s tidy and welcoming. If you want to improve that area of your house, here are a few ideas to update your front porch.

Upgrade the House Numbers

If your house numbers are dated or faded from the sun, install a new set. Modern numbers are an instant upgrade that helps visitors and delivery people find the house and boost curb appeal.

Update Your Front Porch with Plants

Healthy greenery and bold blooms will liven up your front porch area. Add planters on either side of the door, install window boxes, or use small clay pots to line the steps.

Replace Light Fixtures

If your light fixtures are in disrepair or outdated, install new ones. Find new, modern fixtures online or at your local hardware store. For a thrifty approach, search second-hand stores or revitalize your current fixtures with textured spray paint.

Update Your Front Porch with New Patio Furniture

Add comfy chairs or an attractive bench to the front porch. A rug and a few throw pillows will help make the space more welcoming. If you don’t have the budget to purchase new furniture, update your existing furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Wooden furniture can be sanded and stained. Metal furniture is easily touched up with a can of spray paint.

Add Color

Use a bold rug or colorful pillows to add personality to your porch. Other ways to incorporate color include adding flowers, painting the trim, or installing bright curtains.

Install a Ceiling Fan to Update Your Front Porch

A ceiling fan helps a porch feel like an extension of the indoor living spaces and adds an attractive overhead focal point. The airflow will help you manage the temperature on the porch and, because mosquitoes are poor fliers, the fan will help keep pesky insects away.

Keep it Tidy

The entryway often becomes a collection spot for umbrellas, shoes, toys, gardening tools, and sports equipment. Keep it clean to make the porch more inviting. If clutter is a problem, install a bench with a seat that lifts for storage or a cabinet with doors. You’ll keep the space tidy and your belongings within reach.

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