Mold is one of the most problematic issues in a house. Mold growth is a serious concern, causing health-related symptoms and damage to property. Here are a few things you may be doing that are contributing to mold in the home.

Excess Moisture May Cause Mold in the Home

All it takes are the right conditions for mold to grow. One of the most important parts of the ideal environment for mold is moisture. That is why we find mold in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements most frequently. Good ventilation and dehumidifiers can help reduce a moisture problem. Use ventilation fans during showers and baths and while cooking. Open the windows to encourage air circulation.

Poor Cleaning Tactics

One of the common mistakes that cause mold is a poor effort to remove it. Clean at the first signs of mold growth. Make sure you don’t soak the moldy area as you are cleaning it. You may wipe the mold away, but leaving the area damp without killing the spores will allow it to grow back.

Vinegar can be effective at killing certain types of mold, but it can be counterproductive when it is diluted with water and leaves the area damp. A borax solution also works for cleaning mold. Scrub it well and thoroughly dry the area. Use fans to circulate the air after you have cleaned.

In some cases, mold remediation should be left to professionals. Severe mold infestations can be dangerous and unhealthy to clean without professional equipment and safety gear.

Water Leaks May Cause Mold in the Home

Ignoring leaks and water issues is one of the mistakes that cause mold at home. Cracked grout in shower walls or kitchen backsplash permits water to seep into the drywall, where mold can grow. Slow leaks in pipes, cracks in foundations, and roof leaks all may contribute to mold. Take care of leaks or damage that could cause water to seep into porous surfaces before mold starts to grow.

Ignoring these problems increases the risk of mold growing indoors. Any moisture issue in the home should be addressed as soon as it is detected.

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