Starting a Tool Collection

Every homeowner needs a toolkit to keep their home in good shape. Whether you’re installing or fixing something, you should have the right tools on hand. These are four must-have tools to keep stocked in your toolbox.

A Hammer is One of the Must-Have Tools

A good hammer is a must-have tool for your kit. You’ll find hammers in different shapes, sizes, and weights. Pick one that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to swing. Some hammers have magnetic tips for holding the nail in place, while others have curved claws that help pull nails from their holes. You can use hammers for driving nails to hang pictures and to pry apart stubborn boards.

A Hand Saw

Hand saws will help you cut boards to length and also remove tree branches. Hand saws are available in different models depending on the application. Some have fine teeth for clean cuts while others have coarse teeth and are meant for speed.

When buying a hand saw you get what you pay for. It’s better to spend more money on one quality tool than to have multiple low-quality tools around.

A Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set is a handy tool for anyone trying to find the right screwdriver to complete a job. Screw heads are in many different styles and sizes so you’re sure to find a tip in a set that fits the head of the screws you are working on. Rather than building a large collection of screwdrivers, purchase a screwdriver set that has a variety of tips that fit neatly into a single handle.

Staple Gun is One of the Must-Have Tools

A staple gun is one of the must-have tools. Use a staple gun to secure fabric or other material without using nails or screws. If you have a project that requires attaching something thick, like carpeting, using staples instead of nails will give you a more professional and clean finish.

These are just four of the must-have tools for any homeowner to have on hand. They are inexpensive and you’ll find them easily online or in any hardware store. With these tools in your  toolbox, you won’t have to rely on other people for help with making simple repairs around the house.

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