Painting a room is easy when you’re equipped with the knowledge and the right tools to do the job. Use these tips to begin your project with the confidence of a professional. Here are five easy ways to help you paint like a pro.

Select Your Paint

Finding the perfect paint for your project should be the first thing on your list. Choose a quality product and test out several colors to help you pick the right shade. Glossier paints provide more stain resistance and are easier to clean than flat paints, which are better for ceilings and formal rooms that aren’t used regularly.

When picking colors, keep in mind that brighter colors make a room feel larger while darker colors will draw attention to a part of the room you wish to accentuate.

Purchase Quality Tools to Paint Like a Pro

Using high-quality tools makes a difference when you’re painting. More expensive brushes and rollers perform better and apply paint more evenly. They will reduce the amount of time and effort spent because you won’t need to go over the same areas repeatedly. Quality tools last a lifetime when cared for properly, saving you money and the hassle of continually replacing lower quality brushes.

Prep the Walls

Start your painting project by moving furniture to the center of the room and covering it. Next, remove the light switch and outlet covers while you examine each wall for dents, holes, or cracks that need to be filled.

Make repairs to the walls and then lightly sand them to provide a slightly rough surface that helps the paint adhere. Use a good quality painter’s tape on baseboards, moldings, and door and window frames to protect these areas from paint splatter.

Apply Primer to Paint Like a Pro

Primer is designed to hide minor blemishes or discoloration on walls, and it’s the best way to cover the original paint to prevent bleeding when applying a new color. Prime the walls before painting to reduce the number of coats you’ll need and to help the fresh paint adhere to the wall.

Painting Techniques

How you paint is as important as the materials and tools you use. Start your room by painting the ceiling first, followed by the trim and the walls to ensure full coverage. Work from the top to bottom of the wall using a “W” stroke to help prevent roller marks. Use gentle pressure while rolling to keep paint from dripping down the walls. Invest in an extendable roller that helps you reach higher without needing a ladder.

To Paint Rooms Like a Professional

Painting like a pro begins with making a plan and investing in high-quality supplies for the best end result. For a superior outcome, thoroughly prep the rooms you’ll be painting and apply a coat of primer first. These simple techniques will help you transform your home.

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