Entertainment supplies, lawn care projects, and backyard toys require storage. If items are not correctly stored, they contribute to clutter and make your deck, yard, or patio appear messy. Manage your lawn games, and garden tools with these helpful ideas for patio storage.

Patio Storage: Buy a Serving Cart

If you enjoy grilling outdoors, invest in a serving cart. This versatile piece of furniture is perfect for keeping knives, food, utensils, and spices near the grill when preparing meals. Alternatively, it can function as a serving stand, a work area, and a bar. Opt for a cart with wheels to move it from one position to another. Whenever it’s not in use, roll the cart out of the way.

Storage Ottoman for the Patio

Ottomans are incredibly versatile. They provide extra storage space and comfortable seating and can act as a coffee table or workspace. Storage ottomans enhance functionality and can be a fantastic solution to a cluttered space. If you need to pack away the hammock or barware, an ottoman is a perfect place for that. Purchase a storage ottoman suitable for outdoor use so it will withstand the elements.

Install Outdoor Cubbies for Patio Storage

Outdoor cubbies provide storage space and keep things organized. Cubbies offer a place for pool equipment and accessories if you have a hot tub or a backyard swimming pool. For those with a home garden, use them to store tools and other gardening supplies. Label each compartment to make it easy to remember where each item belongs. Build a customized cubby unit or buy one online.

Purchase a Storage Bench

Another great idea for patio storage is an outdoor storage bench. Not only does it provide seating for guests, but it also has a hidden compartment beneath the seat for extra storage. Many designs are available, from wooden to plastic storage benches. Choose one that meets your needs and matches the rest of your outdoor furniture.

Add a Patio Table

Many patio tables have shelves or hidden storage compartments beneath the tabletop. Use this space to store blankets and throw pillows so you can grab them when the temperatures drop. Other patio tables have an inner section to serve as a cooler. Purchase a table cooler if you invite friends over for drinks. You’ll be able to keep your beverages cold as you relax on the deck.

Waterproof Deck Box

Deck storage boxes are a fantastic solution for holding items you regularly use when spending time outdoors. They also help you maximize space and keep the place looking tidy. You can find different designs online or at your nearest home improvement store. Some boxes are plastic, while others are wooden or wicker. Purchase a waterproof deck box to protect your belongings from rain and inclement weather.

Practical patio storage can be stylish and functional to keep your belongings safe, neat, and within reach. Consider the above options and enjoy convenient options for your deck, porch, or patio. 

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