Being a homeowner comes with a set of responsibilities to protect your investment. Here are 4 things every homeowner should know.

Every homeowner should know how to unclog toilets, sinks, and gutters.

Clogged up sinks and toilets are common problems that most homeowners face at some point. Every homeowner should know how to unclog sinks and toilets using a plunger. To unclog, place the plunger over the sink drain or toilet throat and plunge up and down repeatedly.

Clogged gutter systems can stain siding, erode lawns, and damage the roof and foundation. Gutter systems can also become a breeding ground for pests that may invade your home At least once or twice per year, remove debris from the gutter system with a scoop, garden hose, wet-dry vac, or leaf blower.

Every homeowner should know where shutoffs are.

You should know where and how to switch off gas, electricity, and water to prevent an emergency from becoming a disaster. In addition to knowing the circuit breaker’s location, every homeowner should know how it operates and each breaker should be labeled.

Homeowners should dust regularly.

Dusting is a simple and essential task that improves air quality. All homeowners should know how to clean home appliances and replace filters for the vent fans and the HVAC system.

Seal the home.

Homeowners should know how to seal the wood floors of the home to protect them from damage. This should be done every 3-5 years.

Caulking is one of the best techniques to seal air gaps in window frames. Caulk creates a protective seal around window frames. It also keeps water out of the walls around tubs and showers. Keep an eye on existing caulk in these areas and replace it when it starts to deteriorate.

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