Ways to Improve Your Deck or Patio

Outdoor living spaces add value to your home. Make upgrades to improve your deck or patio and you’ll create an inviting and comfortable space for family and friends to spend time. Depending on your knowledge and skill, you can tackle these projects yourself or hire a professional contractor. Below are a few popular ways to update your outdoor space.

Create a Pathway

Install pavers or stepping stones to create an attractive and inviting walkway to your deck or patio area. This is a project you can do yourself on a weekend. Design your pathway and choose materials from your local hardware store. Stepping stones are the easiest option and pavers are also relatively simple to install. You might choose to build a wooden boardwalk-style path. Some companies offer ready-made wooden paths that simply unroll for installation.

Purchase Furniture to Improve Your Deck or Patio

Whether you have a deck, porch, or patio, furniture designed for outdoor use will make your space more comfortable. Choose pieces that complement the style of your home. You can find wooden, wicker, plastic, and metal options to fit any budget. Boost comfort by adding throw pillows and an outdoor rug.

Patio Lighting

Install quality lighting to bring ambiance to your deck or patio and make the space more appealing after dark. Outdoor lighting fixtures are available in a variety of styles. Install lantern-shaped porch lights. String lights are fun and easy to hang. Have an electrician wire lighting to the tops of each deck post. Solar-powered stake lights are inexpensive and can be used to illuminate almost any space in your lawn or garden. What you choose will largely depend on your preference, where they will be located, and power supply.

Improve Your Deck or Patio with a Fireplace

If you live in a cooler area or want to get the most out of your deck all year long, install an outdoor fireplace to keep outside gatherings warm and cozy. You can either build a stone fireplace or purchase a propane model. If you want a smaller version, look for a fire bowl at your local hardware store. Your patio fire pit will be appreciated on cool evenings after dark.

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