Commuters, service professionals, and busy parents feel the sting of rising gas prices every time they fill the tank. Even if you don’t drive often, the higher fuel costs will impact your wallet in other ways. Here are some things you may pay more for in the coming months.

Landscaping and Lawn Mowing

Most lawnmowers and landscaping tools are gas-powered, so rising fuel prices will make it more expensive to maintain your lawn. Because grass and weeds grow rapidly in the summer, homeowners will pay more to care for their yard.

If you pay a landscaping company to maintain your lawn, they likely use gas-powered equipment and vehicles to travel to your home. Their operating costs will increase, and the company will pass the expenses on to you.

Appliance and Furniture Deliveries

Many retailers offer promotions that bring down the price of delivering furniture, washing machines, exercise equipment, and other large appliances. With transportation prices on the rise, some companies may no longer offer free or discounted shipping. 

Rising Gas Prices Impact Contractors and Repairmen

Anyone who travels via a fuel-powered vehicle, especially a large work van or diesel truck, feels the effects of rising fuel prices. Because contractors and maintenance specialists are spending more to maintain and fuel their vehicles, expect increases in the cost of a service visit to your home.

Some companies that offered free estimates in the past may no longer be able to do so. Instead, they may charge out-of-pocket to assess the work they’ll need to do or add a separate site visit cost into the full, detailed estimate.

Building Supplies

Building materials are often transported via truck or other transportation methods that require fuel. Any increases in transportation costs will increase the price you pay for these materials. It might be worth waiting until gas prices fall to remodel or make non-urgent upgrades or repairs. If the supply chain is disrupted due to economic factors, expect to pay quite a bit more for building materials until things return to normal. 

Heating Oil Costs Will be Affected by Rising Gas Prices

While gas prices are impacting summer plans now, they may also impact heating bills if they don’t decrease before winter. The cost of heating oil rises significantly when gas prices increase. Filling the heating oil tank may be more costly this winter.

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